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2017 Trends: Blue Mascara

Heading into 2018, I wanted to take a look back into some trends that really popped off this year. *Ring, ring* Hello 80s, blue mascara called and said she was making a come back! The electrifying colored mascara look of the 80s is back and more glam than ever! But this aint your mom's Maybelline Shine Free. You saw it all over the internet, instagram and every beauty blog. Whether you're mainstream or small town, drag queen or prom queen, you more than likely wore blue mascara at some point this year.

It can be worn alone or with a fierce bronze'y eye. Top lashes or bottom. Its such a versatile trend. My favorite way to wear it is as a top coat. First, fully coat your lashes in a black mascara of your choice. Next, add your blue mascara on top for a pop of color. If you wear it that way, its not so electric and it looks more subtle. It really makes brown eyes stand out.

Here are a few of my favorite brands of blue mascara but the absolute best stand out was the Maybelline x Shayla Colassal Big Shot Mascara in "Boomin in Blue." The formula creates full, bold and lengthy lashes in just one coat! Comment below if you've tried any of these formulas. All of these mascaras can be purchased at Ulta Beauty, and some drug stores.

Maybelline x Shayla Colassal Big Shot Mascara "Boomin In Blue"

Benefit They're Real "Blue"


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