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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Amrezy Highlighter

Today I decided to switch it up. Saturdays are normally dedicated to the Skin Series but I thought I'd do something different.

The beautiful Instagram guru, Amra Olevic or Amrezy as she's known to her fans dropped an atomic bomb on the beauty community yesterday. SURPRISE!!! She's been working on a collaboration with the one and only, Norvina of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Queens help build other queens and they are both that!

Norvina Claudia is the daughter of THE Anastasia, yes that Anastasia, of ABH. She's the literal definition of "Started from the Bottom." She worked her way from front desk in her mom's salon to president and creative director of ABH. Talk about hard work and dedication.

Amra and Norvina have been friends for a while, spanning back to her first, and ABH's first ever guru collaboration, the Amrezy eyeshadow palette.

The highlighter launches on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018 on the brand's website. I'm pretty sure the #RezyRiders are going to dub this day Amrezytine's Day though. Her followers are ride or die for her, hence the name #RezyRiders. I would like to say even Norvina is a #RezyRider. She had this to say in a tweet yesterday:

This universally beautiful highlighter shade is flattering on all skin tones. Keep an eye out for this! It's going to sell out fast!!!

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