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iikonn Lashes

Recently, I became an affiliate with iikonn Lashes. They specialize in 3D mink lashes. According to their website, all iikonn eyelashes are 100% Siberian mink fur. Though they utilize real animal hair for their lashes, they are a cruelty-free brand. All hair is sourced from gently brushing or collected from zoos when minks naturally shed. It is then thoroughly sterilized. They are also chemical-free and hypoallergenic. I guess you can see why these lashes are high addictive!!!

Below: This is a front shot of style #Goals. You can see that they have a gentle wisp to them and open the eyes. I my eyes are naturally almond shaped so I love when I find a lash that makes my eyes look open and wide. (Side note: I've worn them at 10 times by the time I took this photo so they have thinned out a little from shedding.)



A more slanted view of style #Goals. You can see that they also have a fullness to them from the side. (Side note: This is the first day I ever wore this pair so you'll see they started out really full and wispy.)


You may also purchase nail kits at iikonn Lashes. I recently stopped biting my nails. Growing them out has been fun but because I work in a profession where my hands are submerged in water and/or oil most of the day, it's hard for me to keep polish or a gel polish on. I was able to file and shape the nails down to my comfort, so that I wasn't poking my clients on the table and I got hella compliments on them. I purrrchased (you'll get that in a second) the Pink Kitty set, an enchanting baby pink polish with embellished nails. (Side note: I didn't wear the jewel embellished nails because I couldn't file or shape them to my comfort.)

Pink Kitty nail set

iikonn lashes and nail sets can be purchased at Be sure to follow all of their social platforms to stay connected and up to date on sales. They also provided me with a special code for you, my followers! Use code Phoenix101 at checkout to receive 30% off your purchase.

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