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Glow Gang!

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that my cosmetic guilty pleasure is highlighters, I LIVE for the glow! I worked with Becca Cosmetics as a freelance artist and occasional traveling artist for regional events. Becca is most popular for their collaboration with the oh so spunky, Jaclyn Hill.

Champagne Pop became a household name, so much that they decided to keep it a part of its permanent collection. From that collaboration also came Prossco Pop, a more peachy take on the cult favorite.

Working with such an amazing complexion brand, you'll see how my love for everything glow came to be. My newest babies to join my collection are from Becca Cosmetics, (of course) Glow Cosmetics, and Maybelline.

Maybelline Master Chrome Molten Rose Gold

I love rose gold. Highlighters, jewelry, you name it! It's a rosy metallic take on their original release. The rosiness of it can be used on all skin tones, but in MY opinion, it looks best on medium to deep skin tones.

Glowing Cosmetics "Starboy"

This beautiful, silky gold highlighter applies so smooth. The shade compliments my tone so well that I feel like it was made with me in mind. IJS!!! Once I dipped my brush into it, though, the powder crumbles a bit but otherwise, I love the shade!!!

Glowing Cosmetics "Trophy"

Upon first glance, I couldn't tell if this was a deeper take on rose gold, or if it were a deeper take on gold. Once applied, I saw it was the latter. Think King Tut's tomb of gold. The formula on this shade didn't crumble once I dipped my brush in so that's awesome!

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed "Chocolate Geode"

This ode to beautiful women of deeper color everywhere has me feeling a ways! It totally lives up to the Becca name as far as application and intense, high shine go. Its similar in shade to collection veteran, Topaz but differs by being a bit warmer than it elder.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed "Dreamsicle"

Becca's one-of-a-kind formula now appeals to the kid in us with its newest shade, Dreamsicle. The soft, creamy tangerine shade is beautiful on all skin tones and is just in time for a warm summer glow.

If you don't have these items yet, which do you plan on purchasing? If you have these items already, which is your favorite? I want to know. Drop me a comment below and let me know sis. Until next time...


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