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PatrickStarrr x MAC Me So Chic

PatrickStarrr has done it again! The second installment of his collaboration with MAC Cosmetics debuted on April 19, 2018 and I finally was able to get my hands on it. The MAC store here in Shreveport was sold out the first day, so I gave it a while for the hype to die down before I went back.


I'm back with the second installment of this ethereal collaboration from PatrickStarrr and MAC Cosmetics. This time with the more neutral collection. Me So Chic appeals to those who wants a pop of color. With beautiful rose, lavender and a creamy nude gloss, this collection is sure to appeal to your softer side.

Me So Chic

This is my favorite of the two collections because I don't wear much color on my eyes but its just enough if I were to apply it for work. The blush/bronzer duo is life and the gloss shook my soul.

Stay With Me Eyshadow x 4

I stated in the last review that I, personally, don't have a lot of time in the mornings to get ready for work, so seeing these colors, really has me wanting to play around on an off day. I would love to recreate the PatrickStarrr look but also, create my own with these beautiful shades of purple.

Sweet MamaStarrr Amplified Creme Lipstick

This beautiful, creamy nude is my fav of the two lipsticks. I wear a lot of nudes and it fits into my lifestyle better. It glides on better also, being that the Hey, Boy Hey is a retro matte, and we know how those can show every crack and crevasse of your lips.

MamaStarrr Kiss Lipglass

Glosses have become a regular part of my summer wardrobe and this one definitely in my top five. I love that it can be worn with or without color behind it. It seems to enhance the natural tones in my lips and also enhances the tone of whatever lipstick you pair it with. LOVE IT!!!

I'm Not Blushing Powder Blush Duo

Because I am a woman of color, I lean toward blush/bronzer duos that can be multi-purpose. I've worn this as a blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter. As a bronzer, its a bit on the lighter side but it looks so good as and eyeshadow when blended together.

What's your favorite of the two collections? This one is clearly my fav. Let me know below. Also, let me know what other reviews you'd like to see here on Until next time...


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