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May Rewind

May has been my most busiest month yet. My goodness, this month flew by with the quickness but I did so much. Not only did I do a lot, but I was also way more productive here, on, and in my home life. I think I spent most of the month cleaning. I don't think I can keep the house clean enough. I guess we can say I did some spring cleaning.

A lot is happening in the world also. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which makes Meghan the first black woman MARRIED into the Royal Family. Childish Gambino started his promo tour for Solo and also made white America lose their minds with his new single and visual, "This is America." And the Miss USA pageant was held here in my hometown and was televised for the world to see. There's so many other things that happened in the world but I'd like to focus on the positive.

Madisyn's Ring Ceremony 5.3.18 One of my favorite little dancers in the world is officially a senior in high school. Boss Babe, Madisyn Parson, invited me to attend her ring ceremony at Huntington High School and it was very refreshing to see the class of 2019 come together as one class. They all looked so nice and supported each other as their names were called. I've known Madisyn since she was a cute little sixth grader with braces and now she's about to be 17 and a senior. I really can't deal. I can't wait to see her dominate her senior year.

5.12.18 Childish Gambino: This is America. The visual that has everyone talking is Childish Gambino's "This is America." The visual has definitely shed light on some topics that "some" people have considered as taboo. Topics like unarmed black men, specifically, being gunned down, dance crazes as a distraction, and gun violence. Donald Glover is known for pushing the envelope and the personification of America in this visual is no different.

Ben's Dance Recital 5.12.18 My middle son, Benjamin is taking pre-ballet. He's been in the class since August and he's really retained so much. The theme of this year's recital was "On Broadway." Basically, all of my favorite Disney gone Broadway musicals in one dance recital. He danced in two sets and I'm beyond proud of my sweet boy. Proud is actually an understatement. He was able to execute his dance moves without watching his instructor. His entire class did amazing though. I was able to see the senior dance company perform their award winning solos, duets and group performances. I promise I cried all day because to me, watching dance touches the cry baby side of me...don't judge me.

Miss USA Pageant 2018 5.21.18 The Miss USA 2018 competition was held here in Shreveport-Bossier City this year. Hosted by Nick Lachey and his wife, former Miss Teen USA, Vanessa Lachey, this year marking the 20th year anniversary of her crowning. They were charming and held a slight comedic relief to the competition. 51 beautiful women from each state and the District of Columbia traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana over 2 weeks ago for undergo strenuous coaching and interviews. For the live show, 51 turned into 15 and 15 quickly turned into 3, leaving Miss Nebraska, Miss Nevada, and Miss North Carolina in the running for the crown. In the end, Miss Nebraska, named Sarah Rose Summers was crowned as the first ever Miss USA from Nebraska.

5.29.18 Benjamin's Birthday My sweet boy, Benjamin turned five! My goodness, where has time gone? Five already? He'll be graduating from college next week. Or is that me being dramatic again? We celebrated his birthday by booking a VIP session at our local trampoline park. We jumped, crawled around in the foam pit and played a game of dodgeball. He got mad because I obviously had an advantage over him. No mercy, even if it was his bday! Next we came home for cake and ice cream with our family. It was a very chill day. None of my core friends has children so I didn't go all out.

May was fast but its time for the summer. Stay tuned for my Goal Digger series to see what I plan to accomplish in June. Until next time...

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