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Orange you glad...

One of my favorite influencers right now is Amra Olevic, also known as Amrezy. Her Instagram feed is visually and aesthetically pleasing. Her color series is a collection of her OOTDs, her daily views, and her makeup looks from day to day. She's inspired me so much that I'm going to "attempt," being the key word, to do a color series for the month of June.

Last month, I did a test run to see if I could be consistent with the trend. I would say that I did a pretty good job. I was even messaged on Instagram by a supporter that said they enjoyed my feed and that they love how I match my look with the random pictures I post in between.

The color I chose to feature for the month of June is ORANGE! Orange is the combination of fierce red and joyful yellow. Orange is the color of attraction, determination, and success and symbolizes strength and endurance. Plus, its such a beautiful color to kick off SUMMER!!!

If you'd like to know where I find my random pictures, comment down below and let me know. I can possibly make a new post on the FREE websites I pull from. If you're not following me on Instagram, be sure to follow to see how "Orange you glad..." pans out. Until next time...


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Phoenix Beauty 101 started as my name in my faux business plan when I was in cosmetology school. I needed a name to finish my project to graduate. It stuck! Fast forward and its been my social media persona since 2011...

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