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Foundation Friday

I know you've heard this a million times, but my skin is on the drier side, so I'm always on the look for makeup to suit my skin. I shy away from matte foundations because they tend to dry out my skin, but I also run far away from overly dewy finishes because it makes me look greasy. So what is a happy medium between the two?

I usually gravitate towards foundations with a natural finish, or I end up mixing formulas. Most foundations that I've tried that claim to give a hydrating, natural, full coverage finish are the ones you have to layer and I don't like layering foundation. On top of not having the perfect formula, I also have to mix foundations because I'm in between shades in most brands. The struggle doesn't end for me, I swear!

My all time favorite foundation right now, is the Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme by BECCA Cosmetics. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I used to freelance for the brand, but it's on of the only full coverage formulas that lasts on my skin all day without me having to layer it.

BECCA Cosmetics is known for being inclusive. The brand's foundation range spans from very fair to very deep. It does fall short of some "in-between" shades but the range is perfect. They recently added multi-purpose powders that can be used a number of ways: set, bronze, highlight and contour, even as eyeshadow to create the perfect eye shaping. They're truly amazing.

What made me fall in love with BECCA Cosmetics was the internet breaking collaboration with my fav, Jaclyn Hill. Champagne Pop is a staple for my beauty arsenal. I own it in ALL formulations, liquid, poured creme, and pressed powder.

Prior to working for the brand, I wasn't faithful to any foundation. I would use whatever I could get my hands on, depending on price. The price point, if you're a momma on a budget like myself, or even a broke student, is a bit steep but its SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!


An oil-free, full coverage liquid foundation that's water resistant and 24 hour longwear. One pump to perfection! Free of parabens and sulfates.


Reality is, when it comes to full coverage, this foundation is the creme de la creme! It's composed of 22% water, which makes it perfect for my skin to maintain it's hydration from my skin care and makeup. True skin pigments makes it adapt to your skin easily. Think of it as a second skin for your skin. It also covers ALMOST all of my imperfections. I have dark spots on my forehead and on days where I don't have time to color correct, I find myself doubling up on my forehead. Other than that, when I have time to cram all of my beauty routine in, it's the perfect cover up.

It's one of the only foundations I purchase and wear year round. In the summer months, I opt to wear no makeup or just concealer but I've found a lightweight foundation to wear and we'll definitely cover that in next weeks edition. Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate ALL support. I promise I do. Subscribe if you haven't already and be sure to share the site with a friend, or 2, or 50!!! Until next time...


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