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My Top 3 Must Have Fragrances

Smell can connect you to the world around you in so many ways. Smell is directly connected to memory, emotion and mood. It can help you remember a specific person or can help you relax better. It's truly amazing!

Everyone that knows me, know that I love to smell good and that there are only a handful of fragrances that I'll wear. I like to create my own signature around people so that you remember me when I leave a room. It's especially great for dates. If you're interested in creating your own signature smell around your loved ones, let me know down in the comments.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy Couture

With notes of vanilla, wild berries, and honeysuckle, this beautiful, uplifting fragrance will leave anyone around you wondering what you have on and why they've suddenly fallen in love with you. This is a staple fragrance for me because it's unusually sweet. I typically go for warmer scents but this was one that I could not resist.

Jasmine Noir by Bulgari

I fell in love with this fragrance in 2010 when I was working in a salon. One of my stylists return guests would wear when she would come get her hair done every week. From then on, I would purchase it, the smaller size of course because I was a broke student at the time. Fast forward to 2018, it's still one that I keep in my arsenal.

Chance en Tendre by Chanel

When I worked for Chanel in 2013, I hated this fragrance. I couldn't understand for the dear life of me why anyone would want to smell like this. Once I attended my Chanel school training, they teach you, in detail, how to decipher notes, and how to properly interpret fragrances. Ever since then, I've had a love for this. Each level of this fragrance hits you one by one and by the last base, you're in love. It's truly a magical fragrance.

What are some of your favorite fragrances? Do you like sweet? Floral? Warm? I want to know, let me know below in the comments. Be sure to follow all my other social media, which can be found linked all around the site. Follow me on Bloglovin' , which is linked below as well. Until next time...

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