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Fall's Coming

So it's not quite fall yet but I can feel it in the air. The temperature dropped four degrees this week and I was ready to pull my sweaters and boots out. But, even though it's still mid 90s in Louisiana, the temperature drop was refreshing. Pumpkin Spice has even made it's debut a little earlier this year. From Starbucks, to Lil Debbie snacks, you can see pumpkin spice scattered in different foods and coffees across the nation. Tell me that doesn't sound like fall?

The official first day of fall is September 22nd, so we're officially on a count down. Hopefully some fall weather comes with it. Warm days, cool nights, no humidity, and FOOTBALL!!!!!

So how will the coming fall season influence my September? Warm tones, reminiscent of the leaves that will soon fall to the ground, pumpkin spice and the sky as it starts to get darker sooner. I know it'll take a miracle for the temperature to show that it's fall, especially in the south, but a girl can dream, can't I?

You'll see the influence in my pictures on social media as well. As I "fall" more and more into photography, you'll start to see more of my own art, instead of the free photos I use from sites like Unsplash and Pexels. I won't say that you will see it in my clothing because it's WAY too hot for that, but I've got a few pieces that can easily transform from warm weather to cool weather.

How are you preparing for fall? What are your favorite trends and styles? I want to know babes! Comment down below and tell me how. Fall is approaching, don't get left behind. Until next time...


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Phoenix Beauty 101 started as my name in my faux business plan when I was in cosmetology school. I needed a name to finish my project to graduate. It stuck! Fast forward and its been my social media persona since 2011...

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