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Life and Beauty: A Photography Collection

This was my most challenging project to date. To have to create an entire collection without knowing what kind of photographer I wanted to be was a tough task. This project came right after having to research two iconic photographers, Anne Leibovitz and Edward Weston. Understanding what it meant to create a body of work was the purpose of researching two icons such as Leibovitz and Weston. While creating my collection, my subject changed several times. I had no clue what story I wanted to tell. When all options were exhausted, I took notice to the tree in my front yard. A tree I've seen since I was a little girl. This is my body of work. I urge you to notice the beauty of the world around you.

This collection was inspired by the purest form of beauty: nature. It’s a cycle of life, where every stage offers something different. We never stop to notice the beauty that’s within nature in everyday life.

I was urged to stop and admire the tree in my front yard when I saw that parts that were heavily shaded were still alive and thriving and other parts received direct sunlight.

Naturally, the shaded side has aged slowly, and still retains its lush, green leaves. Direct sunlight has caused the other leaves to brown, die, and eventually fall off.

It’s a perfect example of how life, each of our lives, has a different season. Once you stop to evaluate where you are is when you can appreciate.

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