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Fight Like A Girl

Welcome to October. Of all the events that happen in the month, I want to be a little serious and talk about something that affects 1 out of every 8 women in America: Breast Cancer. My family has been affected a time or two with breast cancer. I lost my step-mother in 2006 and most recently, my mother lost her best friend just last month.

Breast cancer is no joke and also affect men, so we need to proactive in making sure we're getting annual screenings. Making sure that you're maintaining a balanced and proper diet as well as drinking plenty of water and exercising is just the first step. You also want to make sure you're scheduling your doctor's appointments and doing your at home checks as well.

With that being said, my Instagram theme this month will be PINK! Aside from October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the anniversary of the Pinkest movie ever known is October 3rd. MEAN GIRLS!!!! What better way to celebrate with pink, am I right? Be sure to visit my Fight Like A Girl vision board on Pinterest, which will be linked on the home page. How will you celebrate the month of October? Let me see your pink themes and tag me on social media. I want to see how you're rocking pink this month. All of my links can be found in the left hand corner up above. Until next time...



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Phoenix Beauty 101 started as my name in my faux business plan when I was in cosmetology school. I needed a name to finish my project to graduate. It stuck! Fast forward and its been my social media persona since 2011...

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