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Holiday Grog: How To Get Back Into The Swing of Life

The holidays are over, the vacation is done and dusted, and school is back in session. Regardless of how that relates to you, it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program.

For me, my holiday break kinda started the week before Christmas because the spa was being renovated so it gave me a bit of a 4 day weekend. I took that time to spend with my mom and eldest sister in Dallas, Texas. My middle son, Benjamin, also had a plane to catch because he spent the holidays with his dad in Columbus, Ohio. My mom also decided to spend the week leading into Christmas with my sister and kept my youngest son with her. I had a small staycation at home.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to get back into a routine of sorts, but how do you do that when you're use to sleeping in and having no other routine than going to work? No worries! I'm going to let you know how I'm adjusting back into life after the holidays with these tips so that you don't get left too far behind at the start of the new year.

Set Your Alarm Clock

This is a MUST for the average adult with a job, and especially if you have children (like me). Setting your clocks will wake up your biological clock ticking inside you (that sounds very dirty, teehee). They say it takes 21 one days to make or break a habit so try it out. For more productivity, I've started to set my clock for 6 a.m even on days that I don't have to go anywhere. Trust me, it helps.

Detox Your Body

All that holiday food was good, but now it's time to flush our systems. Getting fit and losing weight tie for the number one most made new year's resolution. So how do we get a jump start on shedding that holiday food baby weight? Go on a detox! Whether that be to use a supplement that will help your bowels move (that got serious really fast), or you just eat fruits and veggies, you know, the natural way, your body will thank you and you'll feel better physically. Some spas offer detoxing body treatments as well. You can check out this post HERE!

Set Your Goals and Stick To Them

Goal making is scary if it's not something you're use to doing. Trust me, I know, but it's necessary. Try making a list of small goals, or tasks, to start off. Once you get that list out of the way, the big ones don't seem so tough because you'll be use to getting shit done! Just make sure you stick with it though. Don't give up on yourself just because you're discouraged. Keep going!!! I'll leave a link to my very first motivational post HERE!

Don't Have A Routine, Make One!

Get into the habit of doing things at the same time of day everyday. If you work out in the mornings, do that! If you eat dinner at 7 p.m, do it everyday. Basically, create your own routine and STICK TO IT!!! I have a post on defeating procrastination also. Click HERE!

There you have it! My top 4 ways to get out of that Holiday Grog. I hope this has been somewhat help to all of you beauties and beaus. The holiday season is my favorite time of the year but it can be hard sometimes to get back into the swing of life. My question of the week is what's the hardest thing to readjust to after the holidays? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow on all social media, which can be found to your right. I follow back too! Until next time...


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