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10 More Ways To Be A Boss Babe...And Kick More Ass Than Before

Last year, we kicked ass and took names! It was the year of the WOMAN and we BOSSED UP, started business, launched blogs, and truly supported each other.

Women have gained so much confidence and it truly shows in our work, our content, our parenting, and our lifestyles. We aren't afraid to stand up for ourselves and that is a true testament of the feminine spirit.

With that being said, I welcome ALL boss babes to kick more ass with 10 more tips to becoming a boss babe! In the words of mi amore @Champagnepapi "This for all my Boss B****es Wifing..." fellas! We can't drop the "N" bomb here, but we love you anyways Drake.

1. Girl!!! F*** These People

Worrying about what another person has to say about you does no good. Nine times outta ten, they're either jealous, have nothing going for themselves, and just need to make themselves feel good by putting you down. Developing a DGAF attitude is a sure fire way to becoming a BOSS.

2. Boss Women Support Boss Women

If you're a small business owner that doesn't have a multi-million dollar deal or investor on the table, you need the support of other people. What better way to find support than supporting the business of another Boss Babe? Better yet, try to build a small community of Boss Babes and support each other. Buy their product/merchandise, attend their events, but be their support system so that they can be yours.

3. Be Proactive

No I don't mean the skin care product (that would be weird), I mean whatever it is that brings you income. Stay ahead on trends, research what's coming, know what to expect and always be 10 steps ahead of yourself. If you know that Valentine's Day is coming up, you should be planning content in December and scheduling it in January, for example. You got this girl!

4. Speak Things Into Existence

Once you have your goals written down, speak them into the universe. That doesn't mean you should be blabbing all of your business to the world, but saying what you want to achieve aloud let's the universe know that you're serious about what you want.

5. Save, Save, Save!

You're making money doing what you love. CONGRATULATIONS! Now let's put some of that money to the side for a rainy day. A Boss Babe is always prepared for the storm, even when there's sun on the beach. If you read the first edition last year, you'll get that reference.

6. It's Cool To Take A Break

Don't feel like you have to work, work, work and burn yourself out. I promise you won't be anymore productive if you don't take a break. Instead, try to work in one hour increments. Breaking can assure you finishing your task in a timely fashion. I've got some tips on how to defeat procrastination is you want to read it HERE!

7. You Gotta Spend $$$ to Make $$$

As much as I hate to admit this, it's hella true. Investing in my domain name was one of the best decisions I've made for my blog because it gives me complete control over my name, my brand, and my identity. If you're a fashion or lifestyle blogger/influencer, you want to make sure you invest in a great photographer that will add to your image. Taking pictures of yourself is great and all, but every photographer has an eye that will capture you in a different light. Support their business while growing yours.

8. Promote Your ISH!!!

You have to promote your business like no one has seen what you do. Even if they have seen what your post a million, SO WHAT! Keep promoting your business until your target audience is fully engaged in what you're offering. Those that get tired of seeing your posts will either continue to follow and talk shit, in which, at least they're still talking about you, and those that support you will share your posts and get your content to other people that will share your content. Either way, you've won baby girl.

9. Networking is Key

Having a formal education is great but no one is going to hire the educated nobody. Sorry if that's a bit harsh but it's true babes. The best way to get your brand out there is networking. Go to that event, meet new people and always have at least 10 business cards on you at all times. You'll never know where you will meet someone willing to invest in your dreams/brand.

10. Remember your "WHY?"

So many times have I thought about quitting, selling my domain, carrying on with my regular life, but every time I decide that I'm overwhelmed, something stands out and reminds me why I started in the first place. The support of my viewers keeps me grounded and no matter what platform you prefer to support, I appreciate every single one of you.

Please continue to show your support, I promise, you're the only reason I stay afloat. Keep sharing those posts, clicking that heart to your right and most of all, continue to level up in all ways. We are the future, WOMEN I mean. We run the world and it will only be a matter of time before we are the majority. Let me know below some ways you've decided to Boss Up in 2019. I want to support you the way you've supported me. Until next time...


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