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Skin Series: Breakouts?

Skin Series is my very first regular topic here on and I wanted to bring it back with some brand new topics. Skin is a living organism and should be treated as such. Everything you apply to your skin or that your body intakes has a direct effect on how your skin will act. On the other hand, skin is also hereditary, so you don't get to choose how it will react once you're older. It just...does. In this series, we'll be discussing breakouts and how to tell the difference between them.

Not every person with oily skin will experience acne, but there's a good chance you will experience breakouts. Knowing how to manage your skin during the breakout process, and knowing your triggers will help you along the way. Also, not every pimple is considered a breakout. Let's take a look at how to determine what level of breakout you're experiencing.


Have you recently started a new skin care regimen or product, and a few days after you notice a pimple or two in a specific area? Not to worry, your skin just purging. It's normal babes, especially if you've just had a facial and your skin had a good work out. Deep cleansing products (or facials) pull out all the ickies in your skin. If you just got a facial, the purging will only last a few days. If you're starting a new product, the purging will last a couple weeks, depending on how much your skin needs purifying. However, if your skin develops anything that's irritating or rashy, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY.


Breakouts vary depending on skin type, food/water intake, product, and sometimes, medication. Breakouts usually come in bunches of four or more, and usually in the t-zone. Proper diet, water intake, and regular skin care will guarantee a clear complexion. Also, making sure you cleanse daily, don't sleep (or workout) in your makeup, and hot steam (a good, hot shower should take care of that) will keep pores clean, free of debris and happy.


Here we are, the big one! The dreaded "A" word is something a lot of think we have but only a small percentage of us really have. Acne is often caused by overactive oil glands and dead skin clogging up the pores. It manifests as clusters of pimples and inflamed skin. It can be triggered by emotional issues and given your level of acne, can become cystic.

Bottom Line

As an esthetician, I hear all kinds of craziness. Some of my clients will book an acne facial and there's no signs of scarring, inflammation, or acne, period. Knowing your skin will help you out tremendously. I won't attack anyone, but to an esthetician, like myself, you sound crazy saying you "suffer" with acne, and you're only having a small purge. That's why I'm here to help you out.

Let me know what else you want to see in the all new Skin Series. Any questions or topic requests can be left in the comments or sent to my DMs on Instagram. Also, let me know if this info has been helpful. Until next time...


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