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Skin Series: 20 Somethings

You're partying more, sleeping less and studying is really stressing you out. Believe it or not, it can really take its toll on your body, your skin included. Congratulations! You're human like the rest of us. Add that stress to clogged pores due to sweat, wearing or sleeping in your makeup, and everyday life, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most women over the age of 20 are conscious of their skin, but when it comes to actually knowing how to take care for it, there are some lingering questions.

Continuing to keep your skin balanced should still be the main focus in your early twenties, unless, of course, you have more issues than just clogged pores. Making sure you have the right cleaner and moisturizer suited for your skin will help tremendously.

Once you hit mid to late twenties, you may want to begin to change the focus of your skin goals. Preventative measures should be considered. Making sure that you have at least one or two anti-aging items in your regimen will keep the wrinkles away. The easiest way to squeeze it in is to start with your eye cream or night cream.

You: But Phoenix, why would I worry about aging when I'm in my twenties? I still look young and probably won't develop wrinkles or fine lines until I'm forty."

A very wise woman once told me, "You always prepare for the storm while its quiet." I tackle everyday of my life, every decision that way and skin care is no different. Consistently supplying your skin with the ingredients it needs to remain soft, supple, radiant and youthful is the key to slowing down the clock, even when life goes on. Trust me when I say that anti-aging skin care will work wonders.

I'll give you a cheat sheet....don't ever say I've never given you anything (lol)

Cleanse. Tone. Treat. (repair) Eyes. Hydrate. '

As long as you follow this basic guideline for skin care, you shouldn't have any issues.

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