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Spa Series: More Etiquette

Ever gone to a spa realized you didn't know the do's and don'ts? No worries baddie, I got you covered! This is my second installment of the Spa Series and wow! It's been a while. I had to go searching for the first installment. I'll link it HERE for a refresher.

As most of you know, I'm an educator at a VERY reputable cosmetology school where our students run a full service salon and spa. Our goal is to train the next generation of estheticians, but also to show them how to run fully functioning businesses once they graduate and receive their licensing. Occasionally, I coach in spa and what we've found that a lot of our clientele has no clue how to behave when they enter our spa. Even our students look at them crazy and question if this is the field they want to enter. No matter if you're a spa regular or a beginner, this guide will have you in tip top shape for your next spa visit.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Be Kind!

From the time you walk into your chosen place of relaxation, you'll be greeted with a smile, from the front desk staff, to your technician, the spa attendants, and so on (you should, at least). Please understand that these people were hired with the sole purpose to aid in your relaxation. They are not maids. They are not servants. Please be kind to those employed at the establishment. We are all humans (mostly) and we understand that not everyday is a perfect day. If you are not having the best day, please allow the technician to take that stress away. Whether you booked a facial, massage, pedicure, or hair service, trust your technician enough to transport you to a more relaxed state. Don't go in there being a Spa Karen! Let's not do that! You may just catch the RIGHT person on the WRONG day and get read like British Vogue when Beyonce' was featured on the cover. If you can't be kind and treat others with civility, you may need to reschedule your appointment until you know how to behave...I'm just saying!

Be Honest!

With a 10 year old career in esthetics and working in luxury spas, I've seen some of everything. The thing I see most often is clients lying on their intake forms for the sake of receiving a treatment. Let's not do that, either! Sure, you really want that coveted service, and you're still within your 14 day healing time with your Botox or fillers, but is that really risking your safety and the credibility of your technician that went through all those hours of training and certification courses? BFFR, ok! Don't be out here risking it all for the sake of receiving a trendy service that'll still be offered when you're out of that 15 day window. It's not that deep bae!

Open Your Ears, Close Your Mouth

If you're visiting an all inclusive salon/spa, odds are there are specific amenities that offered as well. Please pay attention to the instructions given when your spa attendant gives them. More than likely, they will walk you to the locker room and personally open your locker. It's all in the hospitality, baby! Instructions will include, but are not limited to:

  • Dress into the wrap/robe

  • Please silence all devices for the benefit of relaxation

  • Shower before entering the steam room or pool area

  • Keep the noise to a minimum, as not to disturb the relaxation of others

Understand these are basic rules of the spa that are not only common knowledge, but are universal (mostly) with spas everywhere. Don't stand there clueless and then not know what's happening. Your spa attendant is there to assist you in the best way they can, and if you have any questions or don't understand something, just ask.

Tranquility is Understood

By now, you've made to the waiting area, also known as the tranquility area. Being respectful when you enter this area is of utmost importance. More than likely it's right outside of treatment rooms, or shares a wall with a treatment room. I've been in spaces where I've had to stop my treatment just to step out of the room and ask guests to keep it down. If you plan on booking a spa party (3 or more people receiving treatments simultaneously), please keep this in mind. Don't be all loud in the tranquility area and then catch an attitude because you're being ask to keep the noise to a minimum. Wouldn't you want your relaxation to be respected? Alright, then! Be quiet when you enter any main area of the spa.

You Should've Booked a 60!

Congratulations on booking your facial treatment! We're so happy you've made the decision to dedicate specialized time to your skin journey. If I can be honest with you though, if you only book a 30-minute treatment, odds are, you won't be given the luxury feel that most are given when visiting the spa. 30-minute treatments, also called Focus Facials, are just that, a focus on what your skin needs in that 30-minute time frame. Don't come to the spa expecting to be given a wrap/robe and you aren't going to be there long enough to waste the laundry. If you wanted the wrap/robe/slipper combo, simply put, YOU SHOULD'VE BOOKED A 60!!! That's not saying that you won't receive the same 5-star service that everyone else is getting. In my experience in working in luxury spas, we won't waste the laundry...just book the 60-minute treatment.

Timeliness Is Next To...Well Getting All Your Treatment Time!

Show up on time, I don't mean your appointment starts at 10:00 and you showing up 10:00. I mean at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. The later you are, the more you're running into your appointment time. The earlier you are, the more time you have to grab a drink of water, run to the potty, take a last minute phone call, or fill out any paperwork required for your treatment. When you arrive, your technician is ready to perform your service and we CANNOT run into someone else's time just because you arrived "fashionably late." Don't show up late and expect for your time to be extended. Even if the technician has time to give you the full service time, it's to that technician's discretion if they'll do so.

Now! What did we learn? I hope you learned that in all the things you do, don't be a shitty person! When you enter salon/spa establishments please understand that these are humans, just like you that have great days, but also have bad days, feelings and emotions. Our profession is a lot of energy exchange at the end of the day. You may come into the right spa on the wrong day and catch your issue if you're rude to the staff or technicians. I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't let you know. Sound off in the comments on when you plan on booking your next spa day and the treatments you plan to book. I'll see you on the next post. Until next time...


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