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10 Ways To Be A Boss Babe...and Kick Ass At It Too!

Who run the world? GIRLS!!! At least Beyonce' says so! All over the world, you can feel the spirit of the modern woman rising. We are kicking ass and taking names and if anyone stands in our way, we don't mind giving them a swift kick to the chest to let them know who's BOSS.

Woman to woman though, its hard out there. I, personally, am trying to juggle being a full time mother, working as a full time esthetician, and full time blogging. Depending on what's going on in my life, one of the three pins I'm juggling will drop if I'm not careful.

Having the will and determination to go on is what will set you apart from being a BOSS BABE versus the other girl bosses in the making. Get out your stylus and tablet BABE, it's time to take notes...

1. Have a solid support system.

Nobody can do it all alone! And trust me, I've tried. You just end up frustrated, stressed out and wanting to call your momma. Making sure that you have a strong support system essential to your growth as not just a BOSS BABE, but a human. Whether it be your family or friends, just make sure that everyone on your team is playing to help you win.

2.Be true to yourself.

The happiest people are the ones that never traded who they truly are for who they want to be. You can, in fact, be happy, be yourself and who you want to be simultaneously. Its possible, sis! If Disney movies have taught me anything in my lifetime, its that being yourself always makes for a fairy tale ending.

3. Don't compare yourself to others.

Stop letting the success of your peers intimidate you, sis. Congratulate them and use that as an imaginary steering wheel in your back to DRIVE you. The only competition you have is the BOSS BABE staring at you in the mirror.

4. ALWAYS prepare for the storm, even when it's sunny.

You've got to have a back up plan. Even if things are going as you've planned them and you're perfectly happy, PLAN FOR THE WORST! Unforeseen things happen all the time, and when its your turn, you want to have a plan in order.

5. SHHHHHH!!!!

Not every move has to be announced girl! Learn to move in silence. Learn how to win, lose, succeed, love, hurt, silence. You also learn who really has your back in that time. People that only ride your coat tails when you're up and disappear when you're down have a funny way of eliminating themselves out of your life. Take notice.

6. Don't dwell on the "NO's."

Just because you would've been perfect for that job (or however that translates to you,) doesn't mean that it was meant for you. Sometimes, that "NO" just means "NOT YET!"

7. Insecure is a show on HBO, not a trait.

Leave the insecurities on t.v with Issa Rae. When you step out of the door, hold your head high, stick your chest out and know that you came to slay!!! Besides, insecurities are for basic bitches and you're a BOSS!!!

8. Lost your way? Reevaluate yourself!

I get it. We all get lost somewhere between finding who we are and becoming who we're meant to be. Unfortunately, it won't happen once or twice. It'll happen several times, even once you become who you're meant to be. Reevaluating yourself, and often, will keep you from losing your most important asset...YOU!

9. Vulnerability isn't a sign of weakness.

Its perfectly fine to be vulnerable every once in a while. Walking around with the world on your shoulders isn't a great idea. That's where having a great support systems comes in. Have a few people on hand that you can call at any time of the day to have a good vent session. Get it off your chest sis!

10. DON'T STOP!!!

Everyone gets discouraged. Its human error. The important thing to remember when you feel like quitting is somewhere in the world is a girl that looks up to you and admires everything that you do. Even if you she's your only audience, DO IT FOR HER! Don't stop because things are getting tough. Don't stop because you can't figure it out. Don't stop because someone said something negative about you and what you do. That's when you go harder, especially then! Keep going, keep pushing and remember that you are a BOSS!!!

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