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March Rewind

I swear this month went by almost as quick February. There was also a lot that happened in March. The Academy Awards and marches on a national level and my son's birthday and my very first launch party on a more personal level. I took some awesome ass pics this month too. I think I'm getting better at styling. Yall better watch out, Phoenix Beauty Styling may be coming in the very distant future. Anywho...

3.4.18 We started the month of March with the Academy Awards. Yes, I'm talking about the Oscar's everyone. Actors of all movie categories all under one roof to celebrate cinematography at its finest. There were some some amazing wins that night, my personal favorite win of the night was Jordan Peele winning for Original Screenplay with 'Get Out.' He made history being the first black man to win in that category. Outside of awards, Tiffany Haddish won the Oscar's in my opinion for having the time of her life. Sis asked Meryl Streep to be her momma. She's bold AF and I LOVE it!!! The cast of Black Panther won the red carpet. Lupita, GIRL!!!! Sis had me ready to risk it all.

3.8.18 International Women's Day was next on the list in March. To see all the love and support from all around the world for women was amazing. I'm can say that I'm proud to be a woman, a black woman at that! We celebrate women like Michelle Obama and Maya Angelou, women that make being a woman feel powerful, spiritual, and down right kick ass!

3.11.18 Daylight Savings Time took effect on March 11, 2018. I haven't been able to get up on time since. I felt a bit sluggish at first but I've been taking my own advice from Spring Ahead to keep up. Click on the link to see how you can adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

3.16.18 My youngest son turned 2 and the terrible two's is in full effect. He's talking back and driving everyone CRAZY! When I tell you he's the pettiest person I know, and I know some petty ass people your guys. He's getting smarter by the day and I love that he's learning so much. Who knew that a 2 year old could have so much sense.

3.19.18 I attended my very launch party with Image Skincare. I had a blast. There was a photo booth, yummy food, and an endless supply of champagne. I learned about some new products and even got to order them. Stay tuned for the review on the new items. It's coming this month.

3.20.18 The first day of spring was chilly AF. Like really!?!? It was cool day, temperature wise. I don't remember what the groundhog saw when he peaked his head up from underground but DAMN! Its been particularly cold and rainy since then.

3.31.18 My soulmate, my best friend in the world is getting married on April, 21, 2018. All of her bridesmaids came together and threw her a bridal shower and bachelorette party all in the same day. We had a blast. Just seeing how happy she is makes my heart so happy. I truly believe that she deserves every bit happiness that she's experiencing.

That's' a run down of my life for the month of March. What did you do last month? Let me know below. Until next time...


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