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April Rewind

April was the month where I began to really crack down on myself. I decided that there will be no more excuses. I will continue to build myself in the image that I want to be...and God of course. I began to journal a lot more and also started a bible study journal. We can all stand to be a little closer to God..or whoever you pray too, I don't judge.

There were some exciting things that happened in the month of April. My best friend in the world got married to the love of her life. To say they are in love is an understatement. I've never witnessed a love like theirs. Though their love is still very young, I know they will be one of those couples in 40 or 50 years you ask how to make a lasting marriage.

Derek and Andre'ana Newman

We also celebrated her bachelorette weekend but that was the last day of March. I was able to have brunch with the 2 of them and Drea's little sister, Dominique on Easter Day. Just to be able to spend time with them, especially since we live in different cities is everything to me.

I was able to hold up to one of my April goals and join the gym. That's right! I'm a Black Card Member at Planet Fitness. That enables me unlimited use their massage chairs and tables, free and unlimited personal training and access to any Planet Fitness across the country. I'm so serious about this weight loss journey that I need access to the gym anywhere I travel...oh and I will be doing some traveling this year so its totally worth it.

I attended my alma mater's annual spring jamboree and battle of the bands. For those of you that need a reference, think Beyonce's iconic, yes its ICONIC already, Coachella performance, but with more bands and dancers aspiring to be in Bey's danceline. Yep, I always try to support the band program there. Not only was I in band, flagline to be exact, but I also coached the flag and majorette (baton) team there for 4 seasons. It was exciting, plus I got to see some of my former students and classmates. It goes down at the H!!! Plus, #BossBabe Madisyn is on the danceline there so of course, I had to support her. If you'd like to get to know more about Madisyn, I'll link her #BossBabe profile below.

Boss Babe Madisyn Parson

I also signed up for a membership at Massage Envy in April. I know, I know! You're probably thinking, "Jen, you work in a spa, why not just get massages at your job?" I, too, would enjoy the luxury of going to a spa and being pampered. Not saying that I can't be pampered at my job but I'd also like to go somewhere I'm not known. I went to a spa outside of my membership (no I won't name the spa) but I ended up having a therapist that knew someone I worked with and told everyone at the spa. The owner found out I was an esthetician and wanted to interview WTF!?!? I just wanted to relax. So that's why I want to go elsewhere lol.

I was featured on LookVine is a content blog focusing on High Quality content from top-notch Influencers. They focus on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content creators. I was excited when I was invited to be featured. Thank you!!! If you haven't seen the feature or just want to see it again, because you love me, here's the link.

Lastly, and know yall are probably tired of reading about it but BEYCHELLA bih!!!!!!! Bey, once again, broke the internet. Not only was she the first black woman to headline at Coach...Beychella but she also brought a record 458k viewers, the most any YouTube live stream has ever had! She ceases to amaze us and we are not worthy of her presence.

Well birdies!!! That was my month in a nutshell. How did April treat you? Did you achieve an goals you set out to accomplish? Let me know down below and as always, thank you for your constant support here and on my other platforms. Until next time...

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