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Goal Digger: May

Welcome to May!!!! I write this as I ironically listen to "Its Gonna Be Me" by N*SYNC. Don't judge me. No Strings Attached was my all time fav album by them. And yes, I am going to insert the picture of Justin Timberlake below because I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't. *shrugs*

April was a crazy month for me. I feel like it was the longest month since we've been in 2018...scratch that. January was a long ass month. Geeeeeezzz!!!!!! But April is definitely a close second. I won't list all the things that happened but I will say that if you want to know what I did last month, my April Rewind is available for you to read. For now, lets jump into how I did on my goals for the month of April.

April in Review

Its getting harder and harder to gain engagement on Instagram. The algorithm is ever changing and it sucks for the little guys like myself. I'm only averaging about 40 profile visits a week and that to me isn't great. Trying to use the most relevant hashtags and tagging companies when I wear their items is the easy part but if a hashtag is shadow banned, you can hang it up on engagement. Anyways, I only posted 44 times on my IG but I feel the content that was posted last month was relevant to what was posted on my blog site so I'm not really worried about that. I could post 100 pictures a month but if the engagement isn't there, it's kind of pointless.

My weight loss journey got more serious last month. I lost 12 pounds and I couldn't be more excited. I can't stop and won't stop...word to Diddy! I've been eating better, drinking more water, and eating less sweets, although my co-worker would argue that I'm a sugar freak. I started from scratch with my journey to a pescetarian lifestyle, gradually removing certain meats from my diet. First on the list was beef. Next is pork and then chicken and turkey. I eventually want to eliminate all meats from my diet but its gonna be gradually. Quitting cold turkey is a sure fire way of failing, ever time.

I didn't even touch anything in the space I've set aside for my office. Not even at all. I. GOT. TO. DO. BETTER!!! I have so much to do on my off days. They go by so fast, I swear. It's like, I drop them off, I go to the gym and the its magically time to pick them up from school and daycare. Its crazy. Maybe I'll set aside one of my off days to focus 100% on this project, because that's definitely what it is.

Spending less money last month was a struggle because of the wedding. Last minute things for the trip, booking a hotel room for me, mom and the kids, tuxedo rental for Benjamin, who was the ring was a lot. May should be a lot better because the only scheduled trip I have is the one I have planned for my mom to visit my brother for mother's day...her gift from me.

What's in store for May

I'll be doing a lot of traveling this year and one trip includes a cruise in early September. For that reason, I'll need to apply for my passport this month.

As much as I've cut back on eating certain things, I still spend too much money on eating out, so this month I plan on cooking more.

I've been putting off on starting my YouTube channel, so I'll be shooting my first video this month. It's baby steps right? *shrugs*

I'm going back to school in the fall. This is one decision I thought I'd never make because of how challenging college was for me the first time around. I plan on applying for my financial aid this month also.

Aside from all the other goals that automatically roll over from month to month, that's all I've got for the month of May. Let me know your goals and your plan of action to crush it! Until next time birdies...


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