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10 Influencers That Are Changing The Beauty Industry

You think of the word "influencer," and you think of a person that does videos on YouTube and posts pictures on Instagram all day. In actuality, influencers have the ability to change your decision when purchasing certain items. They have the knowledge, and know how in a specific niche and companies hire them to give their honest opinions on their products.

When it comes to influencers, we know that there are a few that sit on top of the world. They are globetrotters, fashionistas, and, in some cases, pioneers of modern beauty. We literally look to them for advice on everything from winged liner to outfit suggestions, the perfect makeup brand to hair products, these women are truly redefining the beauty industry day by day and it doesn't seem like they'll be stopping anytime soon.

Jackie Aina

Many things can be said about the ladies I'm including in this post but for my number one top pick, one word comes to mind and that is SELFLESS. Jackie Aina has been one of my favorite influencers since 2012. She continues to push the envelope, not only with makeup but for women's rights, specifically where it pertains to women of color. She constantly challenges brands to do better regarding people of color and last year, one brand answered her challenge to extend their foundation shade range. Though the project is still kind of under wraps at the moment, they recently released a sneak peek into the campaign and it showcases women of color of all shades. I will continue to support "Auntie Jackie," as she is still my absolute favorite influencers.

Amra Olevic

I remember downloading the mobile app, Pose, in 2011 and the first face I saw on the explore page was this beautiful, tanned goddess. She had jet black hair, eyes that gazed into my soul and style so popping, it made me just a tad insecure in my body. Fast forward 7 years and Amra Olevic, or Amrezy as she's known on Instagram, is the one influencer that can literally not attend any brand/company trips and still has everything a girl could ever want. Her collaborations with top names like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lipland have taken her branding to the next level. I'm excited to see where she'll go next.

Makeup Shayla

Shayla Mitchell, not to be confused with the actress, is the queen of #StrutAndSlay. She has worked her way to the top with her creative makeup looks, sassy body posing tips, and inspirational workout videos via Snapchat have made her a staple in my influencer arsenal. She's had countless brand collaborations, in which I own them all, and she's just the right amount of petty that I love. Shayla is the true definition of started from the bottom.


As of the last few months, he has risen to the top of my influencers list. If you know him personally, tell him I need my edges back because he's been slaying them with all these collections he's had with MAC Cosmetics. I honestly haven't purchased anything from MAC since the Selena collection but he has restored my faith in the brand. He's my fav male influencer because he's true to himself. He's always been real to who he is and what his skills are. His work ethic and love for his fans have made him the People's Choice when it comes to influencers.

Huda Kattan

One word came to mind when I think about the Huda Kattan, EMPIRE! She is taking over the world, one continent at a time. Much like me, she launched her beauty blog in 2010, which then evolved into her creating a YouTube channel in 2012. Fast forward to 2018 and she's one of the highest paid influencers to date, bringing in a whopping 4.5 million dollars total. Her quirky personality, and beautiful smile will draw you in and her brand, Huda Beauty will keep you a fan.

Karen Gonzalez

Known to the world as iluvsarahii, Karen is known for her amazing artistry and voluptuous lips! She's one of my favs because she's carefree and very independent. Family is everything to her and she's also very loyal to her fans. She earned a spot on this list when I saw that she had posted a picture saying that she had purchased a home for her mom and dad. I would love to be able to do that for my mother one day. To see that she's unselfish with her family is everything.

Alissa Ashley

What really kept me drawn in by Alissa Ashley was a photo shoot I ran across of her and her twin sister, Arnell. I followed the both of them that day but I became entranced with her work. She's so creative and her work ethic is something I'm working towards. Not only is she an artist, but she's a dope ass photographer.

Jaclyn Hill

As the only non woman of color on the list, Jaclyn Hill holds her own. Her bubbly personality and humble spirit is what keeps me drawn in. Her collaborations are always a hit and its because she puts so much time in creating anything that she puts her name on. My favorite collaboration is the Champagne Pop highlighter she did with BECCA Cosmetics. She's been teasing us the last few years with talk of her own makeup brand but she recently said on Twitter that she wouldn't release anything to us without it being absolutely perfect. She's also coming back to snatch souls and edges this summer with a second collaboration with Morphe Brushes.

Jasmine Brown

She's always been herself and that's what landed this curly haired beauty on my top 10 list. Her goofy swag is what makes her one of my favs, though. When watching her YouTube videos, you can learn everything from hair, makeup and the latest dances. My favorite videos are when she invites her mom and brothers to clown with her. Sis can slay on some makeup looks but her hair is really what made me follow her some years ago.

Teaira Walker

Teaira Walker is on this list simply because She. Can. SLAY!!!! To my knowledge, she hasn't done any brand collaborations, but that doesn't matter. Any makeup she recommends, I purchase. That's what being an influencer is about. To have the ability to influence those around you. Not only can she get me to buy anything, she's beautiful as hell!!! I mean, do you see the picture above? SHE IS LAID, SHE HAS SLAYED, and SHE GETS PAID!!!!

All of these women pictured above have definitely influenced me in some way or another and I aspire to be like them someday. Queens have to be able to lift other queens and that's I choose to do instead of tearing them down. So now that you know my favorite influencers, tell me yours. Comment down below and be sure to subscribe. Thank you as always for supporting. I love you all!!! Until Next Time...


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