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Foundation Friday

Summer's here and that means more than likely, we're all wearing less foundation. Better yet, we're wearing less foundation and that "summer shade" that we all wear until at least late August.

Personally, I haven't worn a full face of foundation since late May. The sticky, humid Louisiana air isn't that forgiving when it comes to hair or makeup. I even had a supporter on Instagram DM me to ask if I was ok because I wasn't posting any makeup looks. I was flattered that she thought so much to ask.

This week, I spotlight the Lancome Skin Feels Good hydrating healthy glow skin tint. I purchased in Ulta in early May but I guess its just that popping that a lot of the more popular influencers have started to review and use it in their YouTube videos.

It's claims to fame are that it's "a hydrating skin tint for the “no-makeup makeup” look, infused with skin-loving ingredients that puts your skin first with sheer to buildable natural coverage. Your skin will literally feel good!" according to the Lancome website. Its infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump, moringa seed extract to protect against free radicals, and SPF 23 for sun protection.

I wore it on my day out with the boys last week to the movies and as hot as it was outside, it held up. It doesn't proclaim to be a long wearing foundation but I liked the way my skin felt after being in the hot sun taking pictures and then being inside the movie theater. It's full of skin loving ingredients that nourish your skin and also gives that perfect filter for smooth skin.

My skin felt so good in it, no pun intended. As you can see in the pictures, my skin looks radiant and dewy, not greasy, and that's what's important to me. It's also lightweight. I didn't need to set it with any powder either. It felt on my skin just like I had worn moisturizer all day. I will definitely be wearing this all summer long.

It has little to no coverage so if you're wanting more coverage, I would suggest wearing a concealer with this, but it's also meant to be a skin tint. I suppose the whole purpose is to be a fresh face, no makeup look.

I dressed it up a little by adding two pumps of my Becca First Light Priming Filter and a little bit of Inglot Sparkling Dust because I want Martians to see my from Mars.

Well my loves, that's it for this week's foundation spotlight. As always, thank you for your support. I see every subbie when you enter your emails and honestly, I couldn't thank you enough. Be sure to follow me on all social media. Also, if you're on Bloglovin', I've linked below a follow button. You may as well, I mean, if you follow me everywhere else. IJS!!! Until next time...

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