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Live A Life Of Color

If you've been a loyal subscriber to the site, you remember my Boss Babe series when I featured two beautiful, fashion savvy, naturalistas from Cape Town, South Africa. They blog by the name of Kay.ttitude, but their names are Kayla and Kalyn. They started their blog around the same time as I launched and now fast forward a few months and they have grown their Instagram account to just over 2800 followers! Watching them grow has been fun because they were one of my biggest and most viewed features on the site to date.


I mention them this month because their Instagram feed is the inspiration for my color of the month. Their feed is very much alive with color and these girls always have it popping with fashion. If you ever need a fashion inspiration, trust, these girls have you covered.

I like the idea of my IG theme transitioning throughout the month. Especially with smooth and cohesive colors. I think this will be something easy to commit to all month. A rainbow of colors on my Instagram feed all month long!

Color plays a big part in how we feel, how we think. The color yellow evokes positive vibes, friendliness, and joyful feelings, whereas red can signify danger in the area or the feelings of love. We use colors to express how we feel at all times, so why wouldn't I be inspired by all the colors of the rainbow. Can I be honest and say that I wanted to go with the Pocahontas reference but I didn't want to add the GIF.


So what does that mean for @Phoenixbeauty101? Pops of color and smooth transitions leading into the next shade. I want to promise you more makeup looks but this Louisiana heat won't let me great for a second. I'll try to dazzle you with some lippie looks this month instead of eye designs. We'll see! Also, be sure to Live a Life of Color with my newest Pinterest board.

What color best describes you? What color inspires you the most? I want to know! Just leave me a comment below (BARS!!!) If you want to get to know more about Kay.ttitude, I'll be attaching their link along with their name, just click their name and you'll be directed to their website. I'll also link their Instagram so that you can see how cohesive and dope their posts are. Just click on one of the pictures above. Thanks so much for rocking with me. Please, if you enjoy the content I produce, subscribe to the site so you don't miss out on any upcoming posts. Love you guys long time!!! Until time...


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Phoenix Beauty 101 started as my name in my faux business plan when I was in cosmetology school. I needed a name to finish my project to graduate. It stuck! Fast forward and its been my social media persona since 2011...

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