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Current Obsession: Savoy Cosmetics Body Butter

These homemade body butters by Savoy Cosmetics infuse healing essential oils with raw shea butter, whipped to perfection to give you smooth skin and an overall refreshing aroma.

So how is it that I ended up with these all natural products? Savoy Cosmetics is a small black-owned brand owned by Andre'ana Newman. You may notice the name from my April Rewind when I attended and was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. This just happens to be my best friend, but it in NO WAY influences my review of this product, as I would not post a product that I don't use. Furthermore, I purchased these body butters so.... (when she reads this, she'll read that last sentence in my voice and know exactly what I'm doing with my hands, neck, and facial expression.)

Savoy Cosmetics Body Butter

Anywho... These butters melt with minimal friction and is available in a variety of scents. I purchased Sweet Dreams which is infused with lavender. I've been using this one every night after Liam's bath time. Benjamin liked it so much after the first time he smelled on Liam that he wanted to use it also. The boys have completely commandeered my Sweet Dreams body butter.

Exhale, which is infused with eucalyptus, has muscle relieving qualities. I'll just say the day I received this one, it hasn't been in my possession because of a special someone needing back and foot massages after a long day on the job. He loved it, though. He said that he felt a bit of a cooling sensation at first, and then a warm sensation a few minutes later.

If you're interested in purchasing I'll be sure to link the site to Savoy Cosmetics. Also be sure to give them a follow on Instagram. What are some of your favorite natural skin and body products? I would love to hear from you. Until next time...


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