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Lens Study

This project was based on focal length. Choosing the correct focal length is important, and your job as the photographer is to know how to choose the right focal length for the result you imagine for the scene. The project seemed easy in demonstration, but once I got home and tried to do it, I was lost.

The first series of photos I took were of my good friend, and supervisor, Haley. We went along the Louisiana Boardwalk one day on lunch break and she told me, "I'm the model, you direct me and I will listen." We had a great time for this shoot too. Once I got the pictures uploaded to my laptop, I discovered the most of the photos were either blurry or not displaying what it was I was supposed to see.

The point of the study was to examine what happens to the background when you extend the focal length. I couldn't notice a difference in any of the photos I took with the Haley. The background stayed the same and in extreme focus. Ms Jennifer, my instructor, told me it was because I treated the shoot like it was an actual photo shoot and not like a study. "When you study things, you notice things you don't ordinarily see, or remember. It's the point of a study." She allowed me an additional week to re-do the assignment, on top of the assignment I had due the next week.

This time, my subject was my sweet boy, Benjamin. We went to the Eastbank District of Downtown Bossier City and took pictures at the metal park. It's not technically a park but it was supposed to be and that's why they named it that...anywho. As I conducted my lens study, I was able to see how focal length changed the depth of a photo. The farther away from the background, the more blurred it looks. Now you guys have the cheat codes to how your favorite photographers and influencers are able to achieve the perfect blurred background effect. Notice the difference in the background between the two pictures. The first photo (top) you'll notice the back ground is very clear. You can see the trees and part of the mansion well. Now, take a look at the second photo (bottom), the background seems to have grown in size and is a bit blurred. It appears as if he's moved closer to the wall, but he's still standing in the exact same spot.

Clearly you see that I'm learning a lot in this class. All of this studying to better perfect my craft so that I can deliver to you better content. If you want to know my camera info, settings and so forth, comment down below. Thank you for being patient with me. My semester is winding to a close and you'll see more exciting things and definitely more photography. Until next time...

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