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I'm angry! I'm outraged at the blatant hatred shown day to day toward my black brothers and sisters. Time and time again, we sit back and say nothing. An unarmed black man, innocent or not, is killed, we get angry...another hashtag is made and their family is left to bury and grieve their loved ones death. We look for charges and convictions, it doesn't happen, more anger, and then finally, silence.

What's happening in the world is truly scary, but with all the protests happening globally, you can't help but feel a change coming...for the better. George Floyd's name will be added to a long list of names of black men and women who have died at the hands of law enforcement, and if we're being completely honest, this topic is very hard for me to write, as I have friends and family that are currently in law enforcement. One of my best friends is a detective and he is truly one of the good ones.

For my non-black readers, it is not my responsibility to educate you on why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER, or your privilege, or on racism. If you don't understand, and choose not to educate yourself, you are a part of the problem. Instead of turning a blind eye, walk with US, speak up for US, HELP US! This more than just a trending hashtag. This IS NOT reality tv (as I've seen a former co-worker say on Facebook). This is real life and this is about the next generation of black children being able to grow up and not be seen as a threat or a target.

As adults, we want our children to be better than us, but how can that happen if we're stuck in the same place we were 65 years ago? Let that sink in for a moment... YOU GUYS!!! MY MOTHER IS 65 and I definitely don't look at her like she's an old person. We have to BE THE CHANGE so that our children can be better.

We are now in the largest CIVIL MOVEMENT in U.S history and I'm touched at the outcome so far. To see people of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures standing and fighting with US is truly a sight. I can't help but cry at some of the posts and visuals from the many protests happening around the world. Can't you just feel an energy shift happening, and though it won't be today or tomorrow, I'm hopeful of what's to come.

Thank you for allowing me to rant and just express where I stand. As a BLACK WOMAN raising BLACK KINGS, I have to stand up for OUR rights and fight against an unjust system. Until next time...


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