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Spa Series: Etiquette

I’ve worked in a spa for half of my career. I know the ins and outs of the spa world and the one thing that does grind my gears is etiquette being explained to a guest and them still disregarding them. That’s why I’m here to let you in on some common knowledge and unspoken rules of the spa. While every spa is different, most decent spa and salons have the same rules and etiquette. You’ll hardly ever go to a spa and keep the volume blasting on your phone or speak at your regular tone or louder. These rules are put in place so that not only you can relax and unwind but so other spa-goers can too. Let’s jump into some common spa etiquette.

Know What You Want

Before you step foot in the door, you must book your spa services. To prevent wasting the receptionist’s time, have an idea of what you’re wanting to book. There’s nothing more annoying than assisting an indecisive guest over the phone. If you have a physical copy of the menu, use it as a guide while booking. If you’re looking at the menu online, EVEN BETTER! And please understand that the receptionist doesn't make the rules, so if you aren't able to book your desired service, or something isn't going your way, politely ask for a manager. There's no reason to get the receptionist angry because you decided to be an ass.

Please Silence Your Phones and Devices

This is NOT a suggestion or recommendation. When you enter the changing area or locker room, that should be the first thing you should do. More than likely, the spa attendant will suggest leaving your phone in a locker for ultimate relaxation, but of course we understand if you can’t completely disconnect from the world around you. However, if your phone will be taking a relaxation journey with you, make sure you set it to its inside voice or, silent. Cell phones, or devices, ringing loudly can disrupt someone else’s relaxation, so be considerate.

Take the Robe and Slippers

Robe and slippers are offered in most luxury spa settings and are more for your technician’s benefit than yours. Here’s why: if your therapist has back to back guests all day and you’re not dressed in a robe, not only do we have to give you EXTRA time to undress but you don’t get the full length of your service. It would be easier to dress into the robe and slippers. You may think you’re cutting corners to get dressed in your treatment room, but you risk putting your therapist behind. Plus, you get the full experience of being in a luxury setting. Take advantage and relax sis.

Use Your Inside Voice

Yes, you! You would think you wouldn’t have to tell that to fully grown human people, but you do. Trust we want you to enjoy yourself, especially if you’re a part of a spa party, but being loud is RUDE. It disturbs other spa-goers that are enjoying their relaxation. It could also throw off the therapist’s flow of energy and that’s not something to play with. Wouldn’t you expect a quiet space when you’re on the treatment table? Yeah, I bet, so would others. Be respectful and keep your voices down.

Okay! We’ve covered the basic knowledge rules, now let’s talk about some unspoken rules…

Know Your Limits

If alcoholic beverages are offered, be mindful of how much you drink. Most places have a 2-drink maximum but if there’s no limit on drinks understand that alcohol could have some adverse effects on the body if you’re not careful. For instance, if you’re receiving a detoxifying body treatment and you’ve got alcohol in your system, you risk dehydrating the body. A good sign of if you've had too much to drink is if the spa attendant starts offering more water than alcohol. Know your alcoholic limits babes.

Take It Off…Your Jewelry That Is

Any jewelry that can be broken or ruined by oils, creams, and facial products (which are all of them) should be removed when you undress. I’m a seasoned esthetician, so I’ve learned to work around your rings, smart watches, and chunky necklaces and charms that pierce. I wouldn’t trust that another esthetician would have that much experience. Bottom line is, if you don’t want your jewelry ruined, take it off. You can’t expect for your technician to be responsible for your carelessness.

Concerned? See a Doctor.

Yes! All technicians have the basic knowledge of how to analyze your skin, feet, hair, muscles, etc., however, if it worries you to the point of anxiety and obsession, seek medical help. The scope of practice of a spa level technician CAN NOT diagnose you. Only a doctor can do that. If you’re concerned about a mole or any injuries, SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.

Well that’s all I’ve got. I decided that instead of complaining to my coworkers all the time, I would put it in a blog post and help someone out that may be a spa amateur. Now you know what’s up and won’t go into your first spa experience blind. If you’re a professional spa-goer and you’re still doing these things, shame on you. Do better next time. Either way, you’ve got some insight on what we, the technicians, expect from you. Let me know how you like this topic. Also be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in the future. Until next time…


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