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Cantu Beauty Hair Care

I've been natural for going on 5 years now and I'm always on the hunt for hair care that will nourish and hydrate not only my curls, but my son's as well. I've used products that I've liked but have never been loyal to anything. Cantu Beauty may have changed that.

The first product I used was the Coconut Curling Cream. I'll start by saying that the scent of it smells like a pack of me at least.


  • defines, moisturizes, and strengthens strands

  • conditions

  • adds manageability

  • elongates curls

The Verdict?

The proof is in the pudding, or the cream in this case. I originally used this item alone and even though my curls have never been so smooth, once I purchased other items in the brand, I noticed a big difference in the texture of my curls

The Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel was a culture shock to me. This was the first ever "edge specific" gel I've used, so due to my lack of knowledge of how to style my edges, I didn't really care for this much. I'll definitely be giving it a fair shot once I learn how to style them, promise.


  • perfect for sleek, smooth styles and ponytails

The Verdict?

I never, ever wear my hair in a ponytail or sleek hairstyle so the claim of that for me is very meh. But as stated above, I'll give it another shot once I learn how to style my edges.

I use the Leave-in Conditioner in both my son and my hair. We have two different curl patterns and hair types.


  • provides intense moisture

  • leaves hair soft and manageable

  • mends breakage

  • repairs split ends

  • reduces frizz

  • hydrates

The Verdict?

Though this product is safe for daily use, I personally, use it once a week. My hair is always super soft. I imagine if I used it daily on both of our hair (inserts dream bubble.) All in all, I love it.

I originally purchased this to hold the Liam's curls because he sleeps so badly. A few weeks later, I made the decision to loc his hair when I realized that when I finger curl his hair, its just so damn cute!


  • Controls frizz

  • moisturizes

  • leaves hair soft and shiny

The Verdict?

The hold this product has once its dry is unmatched. Before, his curls would never hold. It'd look like he had rubbed the back of his head on concrete when he woke up and now, his little twists are shiny, healthy looking and hold all week.

Overall, Cantu Beauty has amazing products for any hair type and texture. I would recommend any of these items to all naturalistas. From the scent, quality and price point of these products, Cantu will definitely be taking ALL of my money from now on. Let me know below what products from this brand you've used or plan on using. Until next...


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