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5 Ways To Treat and Correct Maskne

We started 2020 as hopeful, motivated and (for the most part) stress-free human people. We were excited at what the new decade would bring, but we would find that 2020 would be the brand new start of what would be known as "the new normal."

Now, before leaving the house, we have to make sure we're fully equipped with everything needed to survive the day. That could be anything from hand sanitizer, gloves, masks (or facial coverings), disinfecting wipes, you name it. It's a scary world out here now, as if it hasn't been already, but we have to stay prepared. Remembering that there's a virus out there is already a lot to process on the daily, but now we have to deal with what comes along with protecting our faces.

If you're anything like me, you've noticed an increase of breakouts in the areas where your face is protected. Yep! If you've never had acne before, get ready folks, there's a new beast out to get you called, MASKNE (mask-nee). What is Maskne you ask? It's characterized as a sudden or surplus of breakouts and irritation saturated in the areas specifically covered by facial coverings. As an esthetician, I've noticed this quite a bit in my facial services and would like to let you know how I'm treating my clients, and myself, so that you aren't left in the dark.

Cleanse Daily!

You should be doing this anyway, but making sure you're cleansing is the best way to cut down on breakouts throughout the day. Also cleansing twice a day, will cut down on breakouts. I use to just cleanse at night and splash with micellar water in the morning but it's just not enough anymore. I recommend cleansing before and after wearing a facial covering to cut down on any maskteria (bacteria) that may build on your skin.

Facial Mists

If you use a facial mist, keep doing so, but if not, you don't know what you're missing. Facial mists help to replenish moisture and balance skin. If you've got maskne that's inflamed, try using a calming mist. Those will help to cut down on redness and irritation.


Another thing you should be doing anyways, but digress...Exfoliating helps to eliminate any dead skin living on the surface, and with us sitting in our own breath for 5-8 hours a day (if you're back working in public), this is ESSENTIAL (see what I did there?)! Whether you use a physical or chemical exfoliator is up to you, but you need to do it. I know I'm bossy about it, but I want you to have the best skin of your life sis. I recommend using Desquamate Gentle Scrub by Savoy Beauty. It's made of the finest sugar on the market in order to get breakouts and dark spots under control, and combats fine lines and wrinkles. Get ready for a super bright and smooth complexion.

Regular Skin Maintenance

I completely understand that we're in the middle of a global pandemic, so I don't want to be condemned when I say that it's perfectly fine for you to go out and receive a professional skin treatment from a licensed esthetician, like myself. A few things to consider when booking your treatments are safety measures, special requests (if you have any), and tailored treatments. If you aren't as comfortable with going to get facial treatments at the moment, you can always do at home facials. Make sure you're using products that address what you're trying to correct or else, you're not helping it.

Wash Your Facial Covering

I feel like this is the most obvious thing on the list, yet, here I am having to tell adults to wash their masks. I'd recommend washing your mask in a gentle wash. If you choose to machine wash your facial covering, I'd recommend a baby detergent. I usually hand wash my facial coverings because I need them daily for work. I start by soaking them in hospital grade disinfectant, for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse completely. I then wash them in a gentle facial cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and hang dry. It's usually dry the following morning.

I really hope this helps babes and beaus. I'm that person that rarely breakouts but at one point of time, just last week, I had 7 ACTIVE breakouts on the lower half of my face. It was a hot mess! Let me know what other skin care questions or issues you have below in the comments and I can try to give you a consultation. We can do a zoom call, skype, whatever is easiest for you. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Until next time...


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