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My Fav 4 Disney Princesses...and what we can learn from them!

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love Disney movies. Like L O V E them! I watch them. I analyze them. I watch them again. I learn the music (because what's a princess movie without the music)? It's one of my favorite things to do in my spare time, lopping down on the floor Indian style, turning on Disney Plus, and tuning in to my favorite Disney princess.

The thing I love most is the music. I perform Broadway level performances with my children in the kitchen during meals, and most days, they sing along, but sometimes they think I'm doing too much. Who cares? I love Disney!

So why are we here? As the title says, I'm here to discuss my favorite princesses and what we can learn from them. I believe we can learn something from them and each of them hold a special place in my heart from the things that I've learned from them as well. Let's jump into it...


Move over Ariel! There's another Queen of the sea, and she's a woman of color! That's right, I said it! This Poly-babe not only showed that she can follow her dreams (though her parents didn't approve), but she did it without a love interest. Yep! Moana saved the world from dying out without the promise of a beau. Though Maui, was there to help her every step of the way, she showed a different side of the Disney princess universe that we weren't quite use to.


Are you surprised she's on my list? I don't know why! You know I root for EVERYONE that's BLACK! So when we FINALLY got a Disney princess that looked like me, even though I was an adult, I was proud to see that representation on the big screen. Not to mention, she's from my home state, Louisiana. So why do I think she is an underrated princess? First of all, she's the ONLY black Disney princess, which means, she had to work 3x as hard as the other non-black princesses. Sis had a business plan and knew the meaning of hard work, all before the age of 7. Not to mention, her bestie was rich af and she NEVER looked for a hand out. That's what a queen should do.


While everyone was busy falling in love with Ralph, my was head over heels for Vanelope. This sugar sweet princess learned what it is to be a true princess in the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet. I loved that she doesn't have a love interest either, further proving that girls aren't helpless and can depend on themselves to succeed. Sis isn't your typical Disney princess, though. She doesn't wear a poofy dress or crown, she speaks what's on her mind the first time, but what makes her just as much of a princess as the others is the way she cares for her friends. That's why I think she is underrated. She always wanted Ralph to realize his true potential without her. I love that she chose herself over Ralph, showing why she should've gotten more credit than she has.


Anna has a very special place in my heart. The Frozen franchise would be nothing without her. Yea, she started off very vague, naive, and entitled, but she's one of my favorites because at the very heart of everything she's done throughout both movies and the shorts (yes, I take everything into accountability), her family is always first. In Frozen, she technically gave her life to save her sister's from Hans, the evil prince that wanted to take over their kingdom. In Frozen II, she, yet again, put herself in harms way to save her kingdom, but also tried to keep her sister out of harm's way. Wow! What queen! If you can't keep your loved ones out of danger, do you really deserve to ruler over a kingdom? IJS!

There you have it! If you're a Disney princess buff like me, who are your favorite princesses? What's your fav movie? Sound off in the comments below. Thank you for allowing me to express my guilty pleasure with you all. Until next time...

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