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June Rewind

June went by faster than February. This entire year, honestly has gone by with the quickness. I used this month to take some much needed personal time. My oldest son, Tre, came home from his father's house in Columbus, Ohio. My off days this month have been dedicated to get reacquainted with him. Let's take a look at what I did this past month...which isn't much.

Tre' came home 6.3.18 So for those of you don't know, I am a mother of three boys. My oldest Tre is eleven. Benjamin, my middle, is five. Liam, the baby, is two. They are the three humans on this earth that complete me. I don't know who I would be if I didn't have them. To have Tre living in Ohio with his dad is hard but we make it work. He came home this month, after not being home since the holidays. We've missed him terribly and have been taking some time to spend as much time as possible with him.

Solo 6.12.18 We've been having weekly movie dates since Tre has been home. The first movie we saw was Solo. I'm not a big fan of the Star Wars franchise but the few movies I've seen have been pretty dope. I'm one that pays attention to other things in the movie like music scores, graphics and storylines. After the movie, we took a walk along the Louisiana Boardwalk and had a mini photo shoot.

The Incredibles 2 6.19.18 Our second movie date was to see the Incredibles 2. I can definitely say that it was more for me than them. I've waited 14 years for the sequel of this movie. I LOVED IT!!! It was totally worth the wait and I want to go see it again by myself. If you're an avid Disney Pixar fan like me, then you've heard of the Disney Easter Eggs that are hidden in every film. I couldn't really pay attention to finding them because Benjamin had to potty 4 times throughout the movie. I'll find them next time.

Tiny's haircut 6.19.18 The smallest of my little men got his first haircut this month. It was definitely hard for me to part with his beautiful curls but it was time for him to be a big boy. His god father is a barber so he was in trusted hands.

As stated earlier, I spent the month with my boys. My off days were theirs this month. Nothing really eventful happened this month in my world. I'm hoping you had more fun than I had in June. Let me know how your month went down below. Until next time...


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