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Breakthrough, New You: Uplift Yourself

Life can be a bit of a blur sometimes. When you think about it, we're all just trying to find our way in this crazy world. Not knowing whether to go forward or stand still, but I guess that's the beauty of life. Knowing that at any random moment can shape the rest of your life, and if you're lucky enough, shape it for the better.

The woman that I am, is beautiful and confident, but still a work in process. My best friend is one of the only people in the world that gets me. She never sugar coats anything and I thank her for that. I'm forever grateful for her in my life. She told me that I need to simply love LOVE myself. Fully! Emotionally! Spiritually! Mentally, but most importantly, PHYSICALLY! I decided from that day forward that I would love myself in every way. Every flaw, every flab.

And I do truly believe that I am beautiful, but I've always struggled with confidence issues. Drea told me once that she thinks it's crazy that someone that's as beautiful and dope as myself feels this way about myself and that it disappointed her. The crazy thing is, though, when I get in front of a camera, I become this completely different person. The way my body moves and my face serves is freeing, so liberating. I don't necessarily have to be wearing makeup either, just in front of my camera. You can say it's therapeutic. I've always been that way too. Usually when I'm down and out, I put on makeup, get dressed up and take some pictures. The power of makeup is real you guys. It has the capability to lift your spirits. Here are some other ways I'm able to lift my spirits when I'm down.

Make A Cup of Tea

My favorite tea at the moment is Lavender Earl Grey Black Loose Leaf Tea by Private Collection. It's so fragrant and naturally sweet. If you'd like to add sweetener you can but it's necessary. A word of caution though, you WILL go to sleep afterwards. Just warning you.

Listen To Some Music

The phrase Music calms a savage beast is not a joke. Music is the one thing on the planet that can unite us and make us feel. My feel good music of choice is (don't judge me either) Spice Girls radio on Pandora. It's the quintessential playlist for the point of time in my life when I had no worries.

Take A Walk

I love to go walking when I have a lot on my brain. It's a good release when you know you're getting your cardio in and you know that you have a quiet moment to gather your thoughts. That's also your perfect opportunity to listen to some music...see everything comes full circle.

Take a Nap

This may seem elementary as hell but go to sleep sis. There's nothing like having a stress filled day and coming and being able to sleep it off. I swear, if I knew when I was younger that I was going to need naps so badly, I would have cherished them a little more.

Run A Bubble Bath

I don't have the opportunity to do this often but when I can, it's one thing I soak in (pun intended). You feel lighter, lifted, and most of all, you feel better. It's almost as if a weight has been taken off your back.

Doing any combination of these makes me feel better and I know it will help you too. And being that World Mental Health Day was October 10th, it's a great time to focus on you and your mental health. It's not selfish to take some time to yourself to make sure you're a fully functioning member of society. What are some things you like to do when you're feeling down? When was the last time you actually took some time out for yourself? Let's talk about it!!! Until next time...


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Phoenix Beauty 101 started as my name in my faux business plan when I was in cosmetology school. I needed a name to finish my project to graduate. It stuck! Fast forward and its been my social media persona since 2011...

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