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Goal Digger: February

Whew Chile!!! January was TOUGH! All kinds of challenges presented itself last month. Travelling, school for both me and the boys, a new schedule and homework. It started to get a bit overwhelming towards the end of the month, but I made it.

Between assignments, photography projects and keeping up with my kids, I've barely been able to get an hour of sleep. It's been a crazy month but I wouldn't have any other way. Complacency is the murderer of ambition, and everything I'm aiming for will be well worth it in the end. *cues Go the Distance*

My goals started out without a hitch and as I became busier, it slowly fell off. Socially, I aimed to date myself and talk myself out a little more. FAIL!

Financially, I'm on the way to finding another place to call home. I've been saving diligently this month and I'm positive that we will have our own place in no time. PASS!

Physically, I see the progress on the scale but I don't feel it in my body. It's crazy how you can lose weight and still not feel any different. I started the month weighing 260lbs. and I now weigh 248 (as of this morning at 7:33am 2/4/19). I guess I'll see it as more weight starts to fall off.

Career, I'm still finding my way. While having dinner with my best friends, Drea and Derek (you can read about their wedding HERE), they issued me a challenge of sorts, one that I'm taking hella serious. Derek says, "You've got one year to break up with Shreveport." My dream job isn't here and neither is my husband, whomever he may be. Moving to a larger city with more opportunity will help me flourish in my chosen career path as a full-time blogger.

Emotionally, I've been having a really hard time with this break up. I can't lie to you guys, this one hit me hard! The one that got away came back and delivered a roundhouse kick to my heart and now, I'm left with the task of pulling it back together. Better luck in February I guess.

Intellectually, I set out to read one book a month. January was Lily Singh's How To Be A Bawse. I can say with pride that I finished the book right under the wire. January 30th was the day I finished. February's read is Phoebe Robinson's Everything Is Trash But That's Ok. I'm excited for this read because she's such an activist, not only for women's right's but people of color as a whole.

For the month of February, I will continue to build on these set of goals I started last month. I'll be looking for more progress and belief in myself this month as well. The shortest month of the year will also be a game changer that will help me thrive for the remainder of 2019.

Have you set any goals for this month? Let me know what some of your goals are below. Also, be sure to follow my other social platforms to stay in the know and to see some cute ass photos of me. I know you want to! Until next time...


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